ANAFI Thermal: new Parrot thermal drone

ANAFI Thermal: new Parrot thermal drone.

Hi guys, here is the long-awaited news of Parrot, the ANAFI Thermal, we had already guessed how it happened for the Bepop 2 Thermal which will be replaced by this ultra compact drone of the famous French company.

As we can see from the official presentation photos, the Thermal version is based on ANAFI, but with a few more updates, at first glance its revised arms stand out, now they are more harmonious in shape, this version weighs 5 grams less (315 grams) of ANAFI and should last a bit more during the flight.

The substantial difference with ANAFI 4K lies in the chamber which is now also equipped with a lepton 3.5 radiometric thermal sensor with a 160 × 120 resolution, the same that the Mavic 2 Entrprise Dual equips. The video camera integrated with the thermal one is the same as the ANAFI (1) with Sony 21 MP sensor with video up to 4K 30fps with the possibility of Zoom up to 3x.

This new Parrot ANAFI thermal uses the same application as the previous FreeFlight 6, on which you can easily switch from RGB view to thermal view or merge them for a perfect video experience in any condition. 3 adjustment modes are available:

  • Relative: displays the amplitude of temperature differences (from the hottest to the coldest)
  • Absolute: defines the range of temperature values
  • Spot: isolates only the hottest and coldest spots.

Moreover with this small high-tech drone it will be possible:

  • Easily locate people after an accident.
  • Locate exactly small invisible foci during fires.
  • Locate people and animals in total darkness.
  • In the construction sector it allows to locate the thermal insulation defects of buildings.

How much does Parrot ANAFI Thermal cost? With 2318 € including VAT you will have:

  • 1 ANAFI Thermal drone
  • 1 Parrot Skycontroller 3
  • 3 smart batteries 1 transport bag
  • 1 USB multi-port charger
  • 1 tablet stand 8 spare propellers
  • 1 16 GB microSD card
  • 4 USB-A / USB-C cables

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