Neiuport 11 a hundred years long history

Neiuport 11 a hundred years long history.

Dear aeromodelist friends and not, here you are the legendary Neiuport 11. I am building this model aircraft for my model aircraft association FANI asd. Why this model?

Dear friends is a long story, one hundred years ago in 1915 the first Italian aircraft that took off to cross the war paths was just a Neuport 11 that was purchased collectively by the citizens of Caserta and donated to our then Royal Air Force just to send a pilot Caserta at war.

On the sides of the aircraft exactly under the cockpit there was a plaque with the words: (City of Caserta, working land), in memory of the magnificent gesture of citizens towards our wonderful Italy and after a great ceremony held in the Royal the aircraft took off to the entire city and to the political and military authorities, greeting everyone from above. After a few miles, the aircraft was hit by an enemy plane that seriously damaged the tail rudder. The pilot succeeded in landing in a farm in the area where a woman and the landlady rebuilt the helm with simple sheets.

Our pilot friend was able to take flight and after a few miles he knocked down 5 enemy aircraft. Unfortunately, nothing has been known about him and the aircraft, but we can deduce that he was also shot down, from the discovery of the seriously damaged plaque in a wheat field. He too, like a thousand Italian soldiers gave his life for our Italy, gave life to us all.

Today, after a hundred years, the military air force, together with the municipal administration and all the citizens of the city of Caserta, want to commemorate that day by making a Neiuport 11 from the Regia redecorate and, unfortunately, in Italy we do not even have any a real working, it was decided to scale the same aircraft in the same livery, with the same plate.

After the ceremony the model will be donated by FANI asd to the air force and the city administration and will find a place in the museum of the city of Caserta. I will only have the satisfaction of having built it for my association FANI asd, for a great event, but above all for a great life experience. Gigi Iadevaio.


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